How to publish an ebook

The Internet has transformed life in some many ways. It has certainly increased the opportunity for ordinary people to state their views and often to attract an audience. Individuals are able to generate full time income on line with no need to go out to work each day. Hard copy publications no longer dominate the market completely, hence the subscription tactics adopted by many newspapers to access the day’s news and comment. They need to generate income. Likewise it is possible for individuals to write about their ideas, market them as well. An ebook is a way to reach other people; it is much easier to publish your own ebook than to get your work accepted by traditional publishers to printing and distribution.

The chances of your finding an audience depends upon what you are offering. If you are aiming to sell a product you must be sure that it is good and therefore interest in it will develop as the word spreads. A message or good testimonial can cross the world several times over in a split second. News has never moved so quickly.

Visual Appeal

There are many websites competing for the same business. Those that can create an audience need visual appeal to maintain the reader’s interest for long enough for the content to sink in. Just as a retail display intends to catch the eye, any attempts to catch attention begin with something visual. If you have all the ideas to ‘’sell’’ your product it is still best to get a graphic designer to help with something like the ebook cover. It should not be too expensive, certainly not as expensive as a cover for a hard copy publication.

Price and Distribution

Another strength of the Internet is that it is easy to use popular search engines to look at the competition and set a price accordingly as you seek a presence in the market place. It is important to get the price right but to also consider distribution. From time to time something goes viral completely unexpectedly on the social media. You can try and hope but you can never rely on the word spreading as you would wish. By all means use every social media website as part of your strategy but you will need to identify the best platforms that can help you with distributing the product you are marketing. Smashwords, Lulu and Amazon all have self-publishing services that can help and you need to assess them in relation to the budget you have. You want to be in control and therefore you should avoid anyone that wishes to price your product that does not fit in with your ideas.


Social media marketing costs nothing; there are few new secrets and you should explore all avenues. The Internet is the most powerful marketing tool in today’s world but there is plenty of competition. You may decide that a business card left in popular places might create interest though you should not spend too much money on these traditional forms of advertising.

Luck will play a part and the better the product you are offering the more the chance of luck.