3 smartphones reviewed

The sales of smartphones in recent years have rocketed. Most people have a favorite and then buy the latest upgrade as soon as it comes on the market, in lots of cases queuing overnight to get their latest model within minutes of its release. Smartphones provide instant access to the Internet and all that connectivity provides. No one need ever lose touch with friends and family when they are able to connect to the World Wide Web.

There are various elements which are assessed to attempt to give an objective opinion on the best smartphones currently on the market:

  • Processing Power
  • Battery Life
  • The quality of the camera
  • Design though one person’s objective view on this can vary dramatically from another’s.

Reviewers who want their opinions taken seriously test every new release against a defined set of criteria. Whether your personal purchase performs as well in everyday life cannot be guaranteed of course. Manufacturers need to have confidence in their products and make them available for review, often before release. They have no control over what the report on their smartphone will say, and no more information that is not published for the consumer to read.

There is a choice to be made on operating system; Android or iOS. Both have plenty of advantages and minimal drawbacks. It would be wrong to suggest that one is essentially better than the other. Price is clearly an issue that determines what you buy. If you are on a strict budget it is likely you will have an Android operating system. You have to accept the limitations of your smartphone because of the price you have paid.

  • The Apple iPhone 7 Plus is widely accepted as an excellent product with few equals and testing under strict conditions seem to bear that out. It is the fastest model around as well as having an excellent battery, cameras with optical zoom and is now resistant to water. It gets high marks in most people’s eyes for its screen and has opted to help its battery life by having fewer pixels than some of its competitors.
  • Samsung Galaxy 7 has corrected any of the small criticisms of previous models while ensuring that the camera offers the real quality expected of all Samsung products. It is waterproof and sleek, something that everyone would like to hold in their hands. The 7 is largely the same design as the 6 but given Samsung has built a reputation for design that is no great criticism. Fans expect a new smartphone on a regular basis so Samsung has obliged. There has been little need to change much so if you purchase the Galaxy 7 will be familiar almost immediately.
  • OnePlus 3 balances quality with price. It costs far less than Apple or Samsung for similar specifications. It is powerful and wins top marks for its user friendliness.  The camera is excellent and with quick charging battery it has become a real favorite amongst those who resist the temptation to go to the top end of the market