3 smartphones reviewed

The sales of smartphones in recent years have rocketed. Most people have a favorite and then buy the latest upgrade as soon as it comes on the market, in lots of cases queuing overnight to get their latest model within minutes of its release. Smartphones provide instant access to the Internet and all that connectivity provides. No one need ever lose touch with friends and family when they are able to connect to the World Wide Web. Continue reading 3 smartphones reviewed

How to publish an ebook

The Internet has transformed life in some many ways. It has certainly increased the opportunity for ordinary people to state their views and often to attract an audience. Individuals are able to generate full time income on line with no need to go out to work each day. Hard copy publications no longer dominate the market completely, hence the subscription tactics adopted by many newspapers to access the day’s news and comment. They need to generate income. Likewise it is possible for individuals to write about their ideas, market them as well. An ebook is a way to reach other people; it is much easier to publish your own ebook than to get your work accepted by traditional publishers to printing and distribution. Continue reading How to publish an ebook

Christmas traditions in the United States

When the Christmas lights are switched on in New York the City suddenly becomes even brighter than it is at night around the year. In the capital, Washington DC, it is actually the President who switches on the lights on a huge decorated tree. Neon advertising is a feature of most modern cities but Christmas brings a different feel. Even in a harsh winter the mood of people changes because it is the season of celebration. Christmas follows Thanksgiving fairly quickly so the last few weeks of the calendar year is a time in America that defies feelings of wishing for the spring to arrive bringing warmer weather. Continue reading Christmas traditions in the United States

How to take great photos for beginners

Flicking through old family albums will always bring back memories even if some of the images are fairly poor. You know the ones that haven’t got the main subject of the photograph in the middle of the photo. The problem used to be that there was little that could be done if you got things wrong. You had to wait for a film to develop before you had any idea of the quality. Clear shots could be enlarged and edited to improve things but before the days of digital photography those without any real ability were often disappointed with their efforts. Continue reading How to take great photos for beginners